What's Certain Now for Pacquiao Is Uncertainty

What's Certain Now for Pacquiao Is Uncertainty

On Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Juan Manuel Marquez stunned Manny Pacquiao with a straight right hand at the end of the 6th round to finally beat Pacquiao for the first time in 4 attempts.


The first order of business is to congratulate Mr. Marquez.  Not only must this victory taste sweet given the controversial decisions that have plagued this rivalry, but he will now stand a better chance for a gigantic payday himself against Floyd Mayweather at some point during 2013.

That said, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Mr. Pacquiao.  Partly because I believe fans still like his fighting style as a competitive scrapper with exceptional quickness.  And partly because Mr. Pacquiao knows he won’t make multi-millions working in politics.  The opportunity cost of turning his back on $70-80 million per fight in potential rematches with Bradley and Marquez seems too great for the normal man to pass up.

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