Dodgers Dabbling in Risky Business

Dodgers Dabbling in Risky Business

It was one of the only moments in Monday's Dodgers news conference that didn't require translation.


Shortly after Hyun-Jin Ryu was introduced as the newest Dodgers pitcher, General Manager Ned Colletti fell out of his chair.

Seriously, literally, Colletti's seat slipped halfway off the stadium club stage, causing a loud clank while requiring the 10,142nd career assist from a nearby Magic Johnson.


"Just sort of fell off the edge there," Colletti later said with a grin.


Sounds wonderfully like your favorite baseball team these days, doesn't it? Hurling money into the baseball stratosphere with the same unabashed glee as cheerleaders shooting T-shirts out of tiny cannons, the Dodgers have dropped off the edge of the civilized sports world and into a murky territory where even the New York Yankees pinstripe fearfully curls.


With their two pitching signings this week, the Dodgers' payroll for next season will exceed $225 million, the highest in baseball history, a number that became even more fun Monday with the introduction of Ryu, a beefy South Korean left-handed starter who is their wildest splurge yet.

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