DUI Death Result of Human Frailty

DUI Death Result of Human Frailty

NFL linebacker Jerry Brown is not dead because he was an NFL linebacker. NFL lineman Josh Brent was not put in jail, charged with causing Brown's death, because he's an NFL lineman.

Their tragic story is not a story about the NFL. It's a story about life.

Life happens. So does death. When drunk driving is involved, it happens far too often. But drunk driving isn't an NFL problem -- it's a people problem

We all do it. You, possibly. Me, definitely. More than once, I've gotten into my car after a few drinks and driven a few houses -- from my neighbor's driveway to mine -- or even a few miles. Was I legally drunk those nights? Not every time, no. But at least once? Probably. To my utter shame: probably.

People do stupid things. There's no excuse for it -- whether it's you, me or the Cowboys' Josh Brent -- but there's no NFL explanation for it, either. Josh Brent, after a night of drinking, didn't climb behind the wheel of that 2007 Mercedes because he was an NFL player. He did it because he's a human being, and because human beings do stupid things when we're under the influence of alcohol.


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