Heat Squarely on Flacco, Harbaugh

Heat Squarely on Flacco, Harbaugh

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh put on his big boy pants Monday and fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

It might have been a year or two too late, but the Ravens replaced the often criticized Cameron with quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell, who spent the three previous seasons as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

With this move, the Ravens are hoping to breathe some life into an offense which had no identity for the past five seasons, but it also puts more pressure on Harbaugh as well as quarterback Joe Flacco.

For Flacco, there can be no more excuses. We don’t want to hear about the lack of quality receivers or his poor offensive line. We don’t want to hear about his strained relationship with Cameron because now he is working directly with one of the best in the NFL.

As for Harbaugh, he is the next man up.

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