Peterson's Record Chase Brings Some Fun to NFL

AP Photo

After running for 157 yards against the Bears on Sunday, Adrian Peterson is 506 yards away from breaking the single-season rushing record, something he told SI's Peter King that he is very serious about doing. It's a stretch, but not quite an impossible stretch: Peterson is averaging 123 rushing yards per game so far, and would need to average 169 over the Vikings' final three games to break Eric Dickerson's record.


That record has stood for 28 years now. Only four players have come within 99 yards of it—the closest, Jamal Lewis in 2003, came into his final game needing 154 yards and only got 114. At this level of accomplishment, a 114-yard game counts as a disappointment.


And here is Peterson, with 1,600 yards, already good for the 50th best...

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