Petrino Deserves Redemption (But Not Yet)

Petrino Deserves Redemption (But Not Yet)

Here goes college football, behaving like college football again. Victory first, and then worry later about the other stuff. The fine print of prudence.

Western Kentucky has a new football coach. What are the parents of a high school recruit supposed to say, the day Bobby Petrino sits in their living room and promises that he will be a role model for their son, and that his program will instill values and principles -- not to mention a pretty good passing game?

It won't be the passing game they're confused about.

Petrino is back in coaching, barely eight months after he rode to oblivion on a Harley-Davidson, his mistress in the passenger seat. The dark cloud of the ensuing Arkansas scandal has hardly had time to dissipate.

Too soon for what happened Monday night. Way too soon.

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