Returning NBA Stars Will Be Under Pressure

Returning NBA Stars Will Be Under Pressure

You could create an All-Star or championship team with the half-dozen or so major players sitting out with injuries. The question is, though, how many will seriously upgrade their own team when they return?



Dirk Nowitzki, Ricky Rubio, Derrick Rose, Andrew Bynum, Steve Nash, Danny Granger and Amar’e Stoudemire haven’t seen a minute of action this season. Nash, only 25 minutes. Their teams are stuck in a holding pattern, some to a greater degree than others, until they return. The good news is, with the exception of Bynum, all are close. They’re breaking a sweat in the gym and plotting a comeback in anywhere from a week to a month.


So … what can we realistically expect from them? And from their teams? Each player has his own unique situation and level of pressure to face when the time comes to finally suit up. In some cases, teams are conveniently using these missing players as an excuse for their own poor play and the fans, at least for now, are buying it.

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