Sadly, Tragedy Suits Dallas' Garrett

Sadly, Tragedy Suits Dallas' Garrett

Unthinkable tragedy within a football team brought out the very best in Jason Garrett, the head coach, the man, the leader. Totally gone has been the robotic "process" preacher the media normally sees and hears.


What has replaced that Jason Garrett is the real Jason Garrett, even though he'd been drone-like consistent over the past two years in never allowing the real him to publicly surface.


Why this ongoing blah-ness, sometimes mistaken for cluelessness, with the public face? I haven't figured that one out yet.


But based on what the media and the public have been allowed to observe, both postgame Sunday in Cincinnati and again Monday at Valley Ranch, Red J has delivered the right everything in dealing with a tragic and controversial situation caused by one player still living and another who lost his life because of that player.


A man. A leader. That's been Jason.


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