WKU's Petrino Hire Reeks of Desperation

WKU's Petrino Hire Reeks of Desperation

Over the past decade, Bobby Petrino has been disloyal to his former boss, Tommy Tuberville, to the people who had paid him at Louisville, to the Atlanta Falcons — players and management. Let’s see, who else?


Oh yes, he stuck it to the taxpayers in the state of Arkansas and most famously, of course, apparently to his own family.


On Monday, Western Kentucky hired him as its new football coach. Bobby Petrino is a leader of young men again, where he figures to be among the highest-paid employees at an institution of higher education.


The disturbing thing is that this isn’t even a curious hire. Petrino is obviously desperate, forced to drop down to a place such as Western Kentucky. Not even the greediest, seediest big boys of college football were willing to touch him yet. He is still too toxic even for them.


What does Western Kentucky get out of it? A winner. Well, on the football field, anyway. It gets a guy who will win big, assuming he stays through an entire season. It gets the best guarantee it can that the program, finally up to a bowl game this year, won’t drop off immediately just because its coach and program-builder, Willie Taggart, left to become the coach at South Florida.

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