At OSU, Checking-Account Balance Is Critical

At OSU, Checking-Account Balance Is Critical

If you're going to play football at Ohio State, you're going to need a checking account. Don't insert an NCAA joke here, because this isn't funny.


Ohio State has been burned by NCAA violations over the years, and the Buckeyes aren't fooling around. They're going for complete compliance, and while they will fall short -- everyone falls short -- it won't be for lack of effort. Ambition like this requires an enormous outlay of resources, and the school is outlaying like you've never seen.


Not long ago -- only 15 years -- the school's compliance department wasn't a department, but a single person. Two years ago, when quarterback Terrelle Pryor was breaking NCAA rules and coach Jim Tressel was hiding it, Ohio State was up to seven compliance officials.


Now this football school has more full-time employees on its compliance staff (14) than on Urban Meyer's coaching staff (nine). They walk the players' parking lot, jotting down license-plate numbers. They watch the crowd before and after games, looking for agents or runners.


And then there's the checking accounts.

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