Dodgers Paper Over Problems With Dollars

Dodgers Paper Over Problems With Dollars

Are the Los Angeles Dodgers really the legitimate World Series title contenders their skyrocketing payroll demands they be?

They've spent about $650 million in the last seven months, and some time in the near future, will make Clayton Kershaw the highest-paid pitcher in history.

Last week, they dropped just over $200 million on Zack Greinke and Korean left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin.

The record-setting payroll number is heading well north of $200 million for the 2013 season, probably landing in the $220-225 million range.

Considering they finished 86-76 and missed the playoffs by only two games in 2012, the Dodgers likely have bought their way back into the post-season. After all, unlimited resources may not win titles, but almost always put you in position to get there.

But how far above 90 regular-season wins — and how deep into the post-season — the Dodgers might go in 2013 will in part be a function of what currently are a series of question marks.

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