Euros See Watson as 'Intimidating'

Euros See Watson as 'Intimidating'

While Tiger Woods may have raised an eyebrow, the Europeans certainly approve. Indeed, Graeme McDowell admits he will find Tom Watson “an intimidating captain” when the Ryder Cup tees off at Gleneagles in 2014.

There is no doubt that the announcement of the 63 year-old as Davis Love’s successor on Thursday is as bold as it will be popular.

The PGA of America is making a statement in appointing America’s oldest captain – and making its statement on live television, at that. McDowell will welcome the sight with a nod and a wince.

“They’ve changed their unofficial rule because Tom wants to do it,” said the Northern Irishman. “It’s a great choice as far as I’m concerned. And as a European I’d think he’d be a fairly intimidating captain."

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