Howard Wants to Find Success After Tears

Howard Wants to Find Success After Tears

CLEVELAND — It's the start of a trip that will turn miserable in a few hours.


But right now it's lunchtime, Dwight Howard seemingly ordering half of the Hard Rock Café's menu before purging himself of all that has gone wrong the last couple of years.


He remains upset because he says he has upset so many.


"I remember making appearances in Orlando and families asking me to stay and sitting there trying not to cry," he says.


He wants only to please people, so much so that it's almost crippling. He's now working with Kobe Bryant to learn how to not care so much what people think.


He has found the master.


"It's a struggle for me, but I have to find a middle ground," Howard says. "If I'm going to go to the next level, I have to do it."

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