Season Shaping Up As Worst in ACC History

Season Shaping Up As Worst in ACC History

Major college sports has ceased to be a matter of competition just between teams. It is now undoubtedly a battle between conferences as well. And so far in 2012–2013, the ACC is losing. Big time.

On the gridiron, the conference made the case yet again that, apart from the Big East, it might be the weakest football league among the six conferences whose winner automatically qualifies for a BCS bowl berth. The problem, as in past years, was lack of depth.

Only two teams (Florida State and Clemson) finished the year in the BCS Top 25. And both of those teams were humbled by intrastate rivals from the SEC in their regular season finales. No other ACC team finished with more than eight wins overall or better than a 5–3 conference mark.

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