Stoudemire's Return Has Knicks Sweating

Stoudemire's Return Has Knicks Sweating

For the New York Knicks—a franchise that has been a joke for years, one that hasn't won a title in decades—life is good right now. Shockingly, inexplicably, tantalizingly good.

The Knicks are first in the Eastern Conference. They have blown out the Miami Heat—twice. They host ex-coach Mike D'Antoni and the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday, and in a role reversal that defies belief, the most disappointing team in the NBA will be in the visitors' locker room.

And yet, all still isn't well at Madison Square Garden. These are still the Knicks.

Despite the no-longer-demented dreams of the franchise's first title since 1973, the Knicks and their fans are bracing for a rare conundrum that some fear might thwart their winning ways: getting a $100-million star back from injury.

What will the Knicks do with Amar'e Stoudemire? At 16-5, it appears they can't possibly play better when he returns. Will they be worse?

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