Abusive Coach Means Trouble for Rutgers

Abusive Coach Means Trouble for Rutgers

From naked free throws to going AWOL for a Hall of Fame induction to berating a baseball umpire, it’s always something beyond the annual pile of losses that brings down the men’s basketball coach at Rutgers.

From Kevin Bannon to Gary Waters to Fred Hill Jr. ... and now, after a promising start, to Mike Rice. The current coach will get a chance to save his career, but barring a postseason run that changes the narrative around his program, he won’t survive long term from this damning suspension and enormous fine.

Recruits already have a litany of reasons not to pick the Scarlet Knights, from the lousy facilities to a tournament drought that began years before they were born. AD Tim Pernetti just gave them one more, and it’s a whopper.

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