Bengals Look Less Bad Than Eagles

Bengals Look Less Bad Than Eagles

There are times during a football year when a win is, in fact, a win. Your team doesn’t play well. It overcomes in spite of itself. Heave a sigh, turn the page, keep the faith.

Now isn’t that time of year. Not if you believe you’re a playoff team. These games do come with style points. It’s time to win and look good doing it. It’s time to hone and sharpen. The Bengals beat the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night, mostly because the Eagles aren’t very good. The Bengals aren’t, either, at least not by the standards they’ve set for themselves. But they’re better than 4-10 Philly. If that thrills you.

Until the Eagles committed four turnovers in six minutes in the third and early fourth quarters – how is that possible? -- the Bengals were very much in danger of being exposed on national TV. Instead, they eased on down the road toward Pittsburgh a week from Sunday, inspiring little confidence.

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