Could Football Powers Split From NCAA?

Could Football Powers Split From NCAA?

Poor Mark Emmert. The president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association has had to stand idly by as college football reconstitutes itself around him.

Rutgers and the University of Maryland last month made a mockery of his association’s stated ideals by bolting for the Midwest’s Big Ten Conference and its TV money. Coaches, too, are bailing out of dissolving conferences like Soviet scientists fleeing the crumbling Eastern Bloc. This week, Mike MacIntyre of San Jose State University, which plays in the soon-to-be- without-football Western Athletic Conference, signed a $2- million-a-year deal to coach the University of Colorado -- a member of the flourishing Pac-12 Conference.

And then there’s this: “Do the five power conferences need the NCAA?” asked USA Today’s Kelly Whiteside last week, referring to the Pac-12, the Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten, the Big 12 Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference. “Would they better off taking their football and playing on their own?"

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