Cowboys Cast Their Lot Behind Romo

Cowboys Cast Their Lot Behind Romo

The way Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo gets treated sometimes by fans and the media is almost unfair.

You would think he is Mark Sanchez or something—not someone on his way to becoming the most prolific quarterback in Cowboys history, with a career passer rating (95.5) higher than any quarterback in NFL history not named Aaron Rodgers (104.0), Tom Brady (97.0) and Steve Young (96.8).

And don’t overlook this fact: He has thrown 10 touchdown passes and only three interceptions over the last five games, leading the Cowboys (7-6) to a 4-1 record and getting them back into the thick of the playoff chase with three games to go.

But there is this little thing that quarterbacks are also measured by, and it's playoff success. The Cowboys have just one playoff win since Romo took over as the starter in 2006—which actually is their lone playoff win since 1996. As the quarterback and face of the team, Romo embodies the postseason failures as much as anyone.

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