D'Antoni Jeered, But Loss Stings More

D'Antoni Jeered, But Loss Stings More

Mike D’Antoni got the warm embrace he hoped for upon returning to New York.

“I went to my favorite people,” he said, “and that’s my wife and my son.”

The D’Antonis enjoyed a brief reunion at their Westchester County home Wednesday night, one month after Mike D’Antoni left to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. They stayed in. Laurel D’Antoni cooked. Mike caught up with his teenage son, Michael.

At least for one evening, D’Antoni had no concerns with being taunted, berated or humiliated.

The reception was much less charitable at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. D’Antoni was booed, loudly and passionately, when he was introduced — the price he paid for failing to produce a consistent winner in three-plus seasons with the Knicks and for clashing with Carmelo Anthony.

As it happened, that was probably the most pleasant part of D’Antoni’s night.

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