Expanded Playoffs Too Much of Good Thing

Expanded Playoffs Too Much of Good Thing

Ideas can fool you. Sometimes, the worst of them can sound pretty good at the start.

For instance, you like football, don't you? Doesn't everyone?

Also, you like the playoffs. Nothing like throwing a trophy into the middle of the drama, is there?

Given that, you probably really like playoff football. The passion. The intensity. The complete absence of blackouts. I'm not saying that the playoffs are like holidays, but in a perfect world, they would come with their own reindeer.

And so, when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suggested this week that there could be even more playoffs — playoffs as far as your remote control can reach — your immediate reaction was probably to stand and cheer. More playoffs? Why, yes. And if you can work in more money and more savings and bigger portions, then January would be perfect.

Yeah, expanding the playoffs sounds like a fine idea, doesn't it?

Except that, no, it isn't.

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