New Path to NFL Through ... Australia?

New Path to NFL Through ... Australia?

THE University of Hawaii's gridiron team, the Warriors, has had so much success with Australian recruits it is considering setting up a scouting operation here, and former AFL star Scott Harding says they will have no trouble finding potential NFL players.

From Colin Scotts, Paul Sironen and Paul Manera in the 1980s to more recent recruits Mat McBriar and Adrian Thomas and this year's crop of Harding, Alex Dunnachie and Blake Muir, Hawaii has a long association with Australian players.

''Everybody seems to be coming to Hawaii so we want to go further west to get some players,'' Warriors head coach Norm Chow said. ''It's a fertile place. They don't play a lot of [American] football obviously, they play Australian football but they are some talented guys.''

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