Oversaturation Ruining Bowl Season

Oversaturation Ruining Bowl Season

A New Year's Day ticket to watch Mississippi State-Northwestern at the Gator Bowl can be had for $1.

The get-in price to see Florida State-Northern Illinois at the Orange Bowl is $10.

It's $14 to watch the SEC and Big Ten runner-ups, Georgia and Nebraska, play at the Capital One Bowl.

Those ticket prices can be found by savvy fans on the secondary market. They're just the latest example of the devaluing of some of college football's bowl games, which kept expanding over the past decade.

Last year's average bowl rating was the lowest in the 14-year history of the Bowl Championship Series and dropped 37 percent since the BCS-era high of 1998, when there were 13 fewer bowls. Fewer TV viewers coincided with the 2011-12 average bowl attendance dipping below 51,000 for the first time since 1979. Back in 2002, there were 25 bowls that averaged 53,392 fans per game.

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