Patriots Doing Their Homework

Patriots Doing Their Homework

FOXBORO — The drive behind the scenes has caught up to the Patriots’ talent on the field.

The players’ willingness to be great, their motivation to prepare for six days before playing on the seventh, and their realization of where they want to be and their determination of how they want to get there is now a trademark.

The Patriots outscored their last four opponents by 100 points. Two, the Texans and Colts, will be in the playoffs. The other two, the Jets and Dolphins, were divisional road games, which have been challenges across the league this season, regardless of records.

The Pats’ preparation has been a key reason why they’ve been so successful, ripping off a seven-game winning streak after a 3-3 start that included a dud against the Cardinals and some late lapses against the Ravens and Seahawks.

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