Crosby's Shanks Could Kick Pack's High Hopes

Crosby's Shanks Could Kick Pack's High Hopes

CHICAGO -- Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby has become a freak show, so unreliable that his coach now treats that side of the field like four-down territory. But don't tell that to Crosby, because he doesn't want to hear it. Won't acknowledge it. All but sticks his fingers in his ears and ...


Na-na-na-na ... I can't hear you.


That was Crosby's reaction, in various shapes and forms, to questions after the Packers overcame another of his brutal kicking days to beat the Bears 21-13 on Sunday for the NFC North title.


"I had a good week of work, just didn't make two kicks today," Crosby said. "But we won the game. We won the division. It's a team sport."


True, football is a team sport -- until it's not. Until it comes down to a field goal on the final play. And then this team sport boils down to one man attempting one kick. Sunday wasn't that day for Green Bay, but that day's coming. And in an era where the best kickers make close to 90 percent of their field goals -- eight are above that threshold this season -- Crosby has missed at least one kick in eight consecutive games.

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