Halos 'In Love' With Hamilton, Warts and All

Halos 'In Love' With Hamilton, Warts and All

Outside, a red carpet stretched into the happiest restaurant on Earth, filled with giggling little girls and twinkling television trinkets and jolly Josh Hamilton squeezing his giant frame into a cheery red Angels jersey,


All that was needed was a holiday toast, a very particular toast, one that many were contemplating but none were bold enough to make.


Standing in the back, Arte Moreno generously complied.

"The Dodgers, Merry Christmas, I personally can hardly wait to play them," he said.


And so in a Disney eatery on a bright Saturday morning in December, the Angels delightfully did what they always seem to do this time of year. They gave their fans the gift of hope, they gave Dodgers fans the lumpy coals of annoyance, and they filled the Southern California sports landscape with the blessing of buzz.

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