Lin Returns to Birthplace of Linsanity

Lin Returns to Birthplace of Linsanity

There will be no Garden video tribute for Linsanity tonight. But it’s OK for the fans to give the struggling Jeremy Lin his own tribute — a nice ovation in his Garden return as a Houston Rocket.

Raymond Felton, Lin’s replacement, and Steve Novak, one of Lin’s best friends, have given their blessing.

It may even be OK to dust off the old No. 17 T-shirt/jerseys — for nostalgic purposes only. It’s OK to fondly remember the 48-day Linderella story weaved from Feb. 4 to March 24 — until Lin hurt his left knee against Detroit, forcing him to undergo left knee surgery.

That was the last time Lin played a game at the Garden. That is, until tonight as the 24-year-old starting point guard for the Rockets, who said after yesterday’s loss in Toronto he has been “terrible,’’ returns.

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