Looks Like RG3 Forgot to Consult 'Black Book'

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One of the smartest and most gifted quarterbacks to arrive in years was accused by some -- OK, only by one -- of reading the wrong playbook. And all this time, Robert Griffin III must’ve been shocked to learn that one of his duties in the NFL requires him to follow the scriptures in the Black Book, the Biblical how-to reference guide for all people of a certain color.


You know the book I’m talking about. The one that explains why he must think, talk, dress, behave and even marry a certain way or get kicked out of the club. That’s what happened to Karl Malone, the Hall of Famer who had the audacity to play in Utah, wear flannel and develop a taste for cowboy hats and boots. Derrick Coleman called him an Uncle Tom and most NBA players who were asked to respond...

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