Maestro Manning Making Sweet Music

Maestro Manning Making Sweet Music

BALTIMORE – The MVP discussion does not flatter Peyton Manning. It trivializes what he has done for Denver, what his teammates have done around him.

The award came to him four times in the Indy years, following him home like a puppy on its master’s heels. None of those seasons happened to be 2006, the one that ended with the Lombardi Trophy in his hands. Those two pieces of hardware needn’t be mutually exclusive, although for the last 13 seasons, they have been. Aversion to the MVP chatter does not, however, stem from jinx phobias.

Those three letters shrink-wrap and microwave the story of the 2012 Broncos, now 11-3, on a nine-game winning streak. They have become Manning’s team without sacrificing a broader identity.

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