Myriad Tributes Fitting, But Not Fulfilling

Myriad Tributes Fitting, But Not Fulfilling

John Prior saw the news flash across CNBC on Friday and it staggered him.


"I was absolutely stunned," Prior said as he stood in the biting December rain early Sunday night outside Gillette Stadium. "We had our first murder last year in Westport in like 20 years, but this slaughter of innocents …"


Prior's voice trailed off. What words could begin to describe his emotions? A madman with too many guns and too little sanity had cut down a piece of Connecticut's future at an elementary school in Newtown on Friday. What words could begin to describe our collective grief?

Around the nation Sunday, the NFL honored the heroes and the victims of Sandy Hook. Commemorative decals were placed on helmets. Names were written on pieces of equipment in tribute. Giant flags, including one 50 yards from where I am writing this piece, were dropped to half-staff. Moments of silence were observed. Video screens temporarily went dark. Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz would feel an especially powerful connection to one of our fallen angels.

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