NHL's Biggest Fehr in Lockout Is Named Donald

NHL's Biggest Fehr in Lockout Is Named Donald

This was Dec. 6, when Canceler-in-Chief Gary Bettman and deputy Bill (The Hill) Daly delivered their Angry Men standup routine at a press conference after a group of players had the temerity not to sign on the dotted line even after a handful of owners all but directed them to do so.


Bettman was asked about the possibility the NHLPA might decertify. After suggesting the players were more likely to file a disclaimer of interest, he analyzed the union’s potential legal maneuver as follows:


“We don’t view it in the same way in terms of its impact as apparently the union may,” is what the discredited face of the NHL said.


Well, OK, but then what was the NHL doing rushing to U.S. District Court on Friday afternoon to file a class action complaint against the union in order to prevent the PA from disclaiming and/or decertifying?

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