Note to Jerry Jones: Step Down Now

Note to Jerry Jones: Step Down Now

Jerry? It's me. It's me, talking to you personally this morning. Consider it nothing more than a friendly chat, with also a self-help suggestion attached.


I understand if you're a tad skeptical about this benevolence. But I come in peace. Just be open-minded, and forget for a second all those bad things I've ever said about you, football-wise.


That you are a football idiot, and that kind of stuff.


Jerry, listen to me. I can help you. I can help you do a one-eighty in both a local image upgrade and with the vast CowSheep fandom, world-wise.


My man, it is NOW your time to pounce in this jockdom market. My clock says it is officially: Jerry Time.


Obviously, Jerry, you take no pleasure in the current crash-and-burn situation of your Randol Mill Road neighbor, that being the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.


What a brutal winter for that bunch, huh?


Not to be catty, Jerry, but this reminds me of some of your off-season debacles.



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