Pay Attention! Peterson Making History

Pay Attention! Peterson Making History

ST. LOUIS — So much about Adrian Peterson's chase is invisible. This sprint for history is a product of what we don't see — the grit, the drive, the flame that burns inside to become more than a star, more than someone contained by his time. 


The possibility of breaking Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards, set in 1984, is becoming more than real now. Peterson's motivation has never left, even with a torn ACL in his left knee last December that placed a sumo-sized boulder between him and a 27-year quest for greatness. If anything, the setback served as gasoline, sparking an uncommon show of force that makes you wonder if you're watching a thoroughbred and a jackhammer at the same time. 


With his latest masterpiece complete, a season-high 212 yards with a touchdown in the Minnesota Vikings' 36-22 victory over the St. Louis Rams, Peterson met Rams running back Steven Jackson near the 30-yard line Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. They hugged. They exchanged words for about half a minute as a lifeless stadium cleared. 

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