5-Turnover Disaster Ends It All for Jets

5-Turnover Disaster Ends It All for Jets

The Jets’ season began on a warm and sunny afternoon, and after a comprehensive victory, all things seemed possible. It ended on a crisp and windy night, and after another listless defeat, all things seem possible once more.

No longer can they kid themselves that the team they fielded, that barely defeated two of the worst teams in the N.F.L. the last two weeks, is good enough to contend. There are likely to be changes this off-season after the Jets were finally, mercifully, eliminated from playoff contention Monday night in a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans that should be submitted as evidence to the N.F.L. that the playoff field should be reduced, not expanded.

The Jets have had their share of disasters this season, and it is not a disproportionate share. They held fast to the delusion that they, with a sluggish offense and an erratic quarterback, could somehow slip into the playoffs. Instead, in the latest embarrassment, they committed five turnovers, all by their franchise quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

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