A 2nd Look at 'First Take' Suspension

A 2nd Look at 'First Take' Suspension

Aw, naw, ESPN, you don’t get off that easy. You don’t just get to serve up Rob Parker as your network village idiot to mollify the pitchfork-and-torch wielding masses roused by Parker’s First Take ramblings on race and Robert Griffin III.

Suspending Parker just revealed you to be The Worldwide Leader in Hypocrisy.

For those immersed in other business the last few days, Parker enlightened the rest of us last week on why he was uncertain of the Washington rookie quarterback’s “blackness,” whether Griffin was “down with the cause” or “is he a brotha? Or is he a cornball brotha?”

The characteristics that brought forth Parker’s uncertainty: Griffin doesn’t want to be defined by being black or only compared to previous black quarterbacks; he apparently has a white fiancée; he might even (gasp!) vote Republican.

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