Red Flags Rise Over Pujols-Hamilton Duo

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Let's begin with an impossibly dumb question -- I'm talking about a question so stupid, so inane, so ridiculous that it will insult you even to see it in print. OK? And then, for fun, we'll try to shock you by somehow making the question even dumber. Ready?

Which of these sets of teammates would you rather have for the next five years?

1. Anaheim's Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.
2. Kansas City's Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez.

OK, why ask even ask that? I feel like I lost 20 IQ points just writing that question. It's so ridiculous, so stupid, that it feels absurd to even follow up. Who would I rather have -- a couple of MVPs who have dominated the game for years or a kid who hit .232 last year...

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