Woods-McIlroy Rivalry? Not Quite Yet

Woods-McIlroy Rivalry? Not Quite Yet

The golf world is craving a rivalry. The golf world wants what Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus gave it decades ago.

But to those thinking that Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will provide it, Tiger says, "Not so fast."

"Rory McIlroy had a wonderful year, and my hat is off to him," Woods posted Monday in a blog entry on his website, TigerWoods.com. "He deserved Player of the Year. Whether we develop a rivalry remains to be seen. Let's just let it play out and see where it takes us . . .

"We'll look at the results the next five or 10 years and see if it becomes a rivalry or not. We'll have to win big events and play each other down the stretch. That hasn't happened yet."

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