Harbaugh vs. Carroll: Contempt on Display

Harbaugh vs. Carroll: Contempt on Display

Two franchises playing for high stakes. Two teams waging battle on national TV in prime time. Two young quarterbacks on a quest to prove they are capable of leading a winner in the NFL.

Yup, 49ers-Seahawks is the marquee matchup of the week. It is, strictly on merit, fully deserving of the spotlight.

Yet the most intriguing individual faceoff is that between the two head coaches, the transparently remorseless Jim Harbaugh and the smoothly ruthless Pete Carroll. Each is worthy of a camera facing him at all times to capture the frowns and grimaces and sneers and howls and, of course, the mumbled vulgarities.

Who among us would be surprised if, during a crucial moment Sunday night, they cast quizzical if not disdainful glances toward each other?

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