Tebow's Quarterback Career Could Be Over

Tebow's Quarterback Career Could Be Over


Nine years ago, when this massive boulder of hype began as nothing more than a mere snowball, Tim Tebow didn't like the situation he'd unknowingly created for himself. So he and his family re-evaluated their decision.

They prayed. And they contemplated. And they talked it through. And ultimately, they decided, since the football team at Trinity Christian in Jacksonville, Fla., wasn't going to let Tebow compete for the occupied quarterback job, he'd transfer to nearby Nease High School instead.

"In high school, they said I couldn't be a quarterback," Tebow, who spent a year as a middle linebacker, once told me three years ago. "I've come a long way since then."

But has anything truly changed? Oh, sure, he has two BCS titles, a Heisman Trophy, seven NFL game-winning drives and an unforgettable playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers last year under his belt. The questions, though, have never stopped. They've only relented when Tebow's success has left his doubters without any legitimate fuel.

Now, as the New York Jets bypass Tebow and supplant an insufficient Mark Sanchez with rookie Greg McElroy, Tebow is likely left to revert to a line he has repeatedly recited for the past decade: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future." And for those wondering, he isn't talking about Rex Ryan.

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