Wisconsin Goes With a Winner

Wisconsin Goes With a Winner

Some ADs go into hiding during a coaching search. Barry Alvarez did not have that option. As Wisconsin's interim coach for the upcoming Rose Bowl, Alvarez has been on the practice field regularly, which means he's been speaking to the media regularly, which means Wisconsin fans have been waiting on his every word.

"I'll hire a good coach," he told reporters Sunday. "This program will continue being very good. For those that are panicking, don't panic. We'll take care of business here and this program will be in excellent hands."

Never doubt that man.

Alvarez has indeed hired a good coach, and the program is in fact in excellent hands. Two weeks after Bret Bielema left for Arkansas, Wisconsin will reportedly replace him with a man that nearly beat Bielema's team three months earlier.

Over the past four years, Utah State's Gary Andersen orchestrated one of the great turnarounds in college football.

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