Collect Sports Art for Enjoyment, Profit

Collect Sports Art for Enjoyment, Profit

For many sports fans, a bobblehead or game program, or maybe a football jersey with the name "Manning" will do. Others take memorabilia a little more seriously.

Charles Fazzino's newly released "Mr. October: Reggie Jackson" series of graphic prints is designed to appeal to those in the latter category—each 17" x 22.5" print of the baseball legend known for his postseason clutch hitting costs $2,700.


That is a lot of money to pay for a 1970s moment of nostalgia unless you have in the back of your mind that maybe this Pop Art-style image is going to be worth more some day.

It just might be. Mr. Fazzino's 2006 " Derek Jeter" originally sold for $2,000, and prices for this print on the secondary market (eBay and sports-art dealers, mostly) recently have neared $5,000. Not a bad return on investment.

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