For BYU, There's More to Life Than Football

For BYU, There's More to Life Than Football

Senior year. Mid-November conference game. BYU tight end Andrew George catches a touchdown pass in a five-point win over New Mexico.


Best day of his life. Easily. His son, after all, was born a few hours prior.


This was in 2009, when George found out that his wife’s water had broken during the team’s flight to Albuquerque. No biggie. He just hopped on a plane back to Utah after landing, caught the birth of his boy, Jack, and then jetted back to New Mexico for some mid-game heroics.


“Pretty wild day,” said George, now a graduate assistant with the Cougars, “but a pretty awesome day, too.”


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to BYU. Welcome to a football program that’s one gargantuan happy family.

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