For Cutler, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

For Cutler, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

SANTA CLAUS, Ind. – Oh, gosh. You would think the fine comic farce could not improve. You would think it already too much manna that we get to spend recent autumns seeing a guy quarterback the Chicago Bears while a subgroup of fans believes the guy smiles too infrequently and frowns too often and fails to resonate perpetual gratefulness.



Already that lunacy should suffice, that this theme happens to play out of Chicago, a city a notch more surly than sunny, a city with one of the most artful collective frowns going. Beyond the many fans who don’t really care about the frowns and just want excellence and are seething at the 8-6 moment, shouldn’t a tough town like Chicago savor a good grimacing quarterback? Already you might hope that in the NFL theatre, Jay Cutler might sign on for more years in Chicago in the role of the opaque non-smiler, providing further scowls and pouts while maybe just omitting that part about admonishing any offensive linemen.


(I love offensive linemen and don’t enjoy their admonishments.)


Already the Cutler story had become another cautionary tale of being famous, of how complex human beings can get pegged for one trait and, if commendably uninterested in burnishing their brands to override that, can get stuck with one trait. Already this story promises further autumns of good sideline pique, as good sideline pique can help us get through the days.

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