Padres Will Do Just Fine Without Lefty

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When you have to hook a 2-iron between two eucalyptus trees to set up an eagle putt, that’s when you need Phil Mickelson.


When the only play is to flop a lob wedge 40 yards high and 20 feet long, that’s when you need Phil Mickelson.


When you have a baseball franchise owned by one of the sport’s most iconic families and a respected local businessman…that’s when you definitely do not need Phil Mickelson.


This week we learned that Mickelson, the esteemed San Diego golfer, will not be part of the Padres ownership group as previously thought. The four-time major winner announced at Torrey Pines Tuesday that he has withdrawn his interest in having a stake in the franchise due to his inability to make a “long-term commitment...

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