Saban Prevails on Field - and at the Bank

Saban Prevails on Field - and at the Bank

Nick Saban is undeniably college football’s top head coach. The Alabama Crimson Tide have become the nation’s premier college football team under Saban’s leadership, winning two of the last three national championships. The team will get yet another title shot in a few weeks when it takes on the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish in this season’s BCS National Championship.

With such success comes great spoils and, according to our numbers, no other coach in college football comes close to Saban in terms of financial power.

To measure coaching power, we looked at each coach’s salary, its proportion of the school’s total coaching salaries and athletic expenditures, the football budget at the coach’s disposal (football expenses less coach’s salary) and how much it would cost the school to terminate his contract before the end of the year.

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