Sit Back and Enjoy - Knicks Playing Great Ball

Sit Back and Enjoy - Knicks Playing Great Ball

I grew up in Atlanta, and despite living in Manhattan for a dozen years now, my sports allegiances remain tied to the Dirty South. But as an impartial first-hand observer on the New York sports scene, there are nights where I find myself amazed at the constant confluences of events, the way the sky can fall all at once on New York-area sports fans. Just last night, for instance: Jeremy Lin returned to New York and gave the Knicks their first home loss of the season; the Mets completed a trade to dump their Cy Young award-winning pitcher and the team's most popular player; Mark Sanchez went on national TV and barfed up arguably his worst performance in a long and distinguished line of bad performances. (And as a plump rotten cherry on top, Nets PG Deron Williams took a passive-aggressive Jab at the Nets' offensive system.)


Yet setting aside the news of the hour, NYC sports fans looking for a ray of sunshine need look no further than the miracle currently happening on 34th Street, because after a series of offseason moves that were curious at best, the Knicks are nonetheless playing the most exciting basketball in the NBA.


Yes, the Knicks lost to Houston last night. But they were also missing four of their key rotation players, all out with injuries. And despite the loss, the Knicks are currently 18-6, the best record in the Eastern Conference and the second-best record in the entire League. Even with the injuries, the Knicks are winning games and winning decisively, by an average of just over seven points per night.



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