Sports Should Lead National Conversation

Sports Should Lead National Conversation

During national tragedies, we always look to sports, even when sports had nothing to do with the tragedy. This happened on Sept. 11. It has occurred during wars and natural disasters. And it's happening now.


It's not just New York Giant Victor Cruz and his shoes and his visit to see the family of 6-year-old Newtown, Conn., shooting victim Jack Pinto, or all the names scrawled on Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson's shoes, or the moments of silence around NFL stadiums and the decals on players' helmets.


It's also the beginning of a national conversation.


There is more than one serious conversation going on after the terrible Connecticut shootings: we're talking about guns, violence, school security, mental health.


We know why and where these conversations started. But where they end, at least on one of these topics, can help be determined by a sports world that should continue to be more forthcoming in dealing with that issue itself.

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