Answer to HOF Dilemma: Golden 100

Answer to HOF Dilemma: Golden 100

I love the Baseball Hall of Fame, of course. But there is something about the Hall of Fame that bothers me … and it has bothered many, many friends who have visited the museum: The Plaque Gallery is a major letdown. It just is. The room itself is nice enough. There's a bit of reverence wafting in the air. People talk in hushed tones for whatever reason. There are a few cool statues around.

But you go in there and you see all these plaques on the wall in the order of year inducted and … yawn. I mean it's nice. Yawn. It's fine. Yawn. Look: It's boring. And I say that as a zealous fan of baseball and history. I'm sure some people will disagree, but everyone I know will say their favorite part of the Hall of Fame was the movie room, or the stats room, or the art room, or just seeing one of the amazing artifacts like the bat Bobby Thomson used or the glove Don Larsen wore or whatever. I never hear anyone say their favorite part was looking at the plaques. It's nice, it's pleasant, you've got to do it. But it just kind of just sits there.

And it is with this in mind that I have this proposal for the Hall of Fame. And I think this proposal will not only make the plaque room the highlight of the museum, it will help the museum deal with both its own split personality and the approaching storm of steroid users and suspected steroid users and possible steroid users ...

The idea: The Golden 100.

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