Bonds, Clemens Lugs But Famers

Bonds, Clemens Lugs But Famers

Let's cut to the quick: I voted yes for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens on my Hall of Fame ballot.

I also voted for Jeff Bagwell, Jack Morris, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling and Lee Smith. Before I feed the ballot into my fax machine, I also might check Craig Biggio.

My votes for Bonds and Clemens are rooted in consistency. I have said and written for two decades that the Hall of Fame is not complete without Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader, who was banned from the ballot and baseball because he bet on baseball games when he was manager.

I understand that the crimes are apples and oranges because gambling does not affect performance on the field as drugs do - but my reasoning is the same. In my heart, I cannot envision a Hall of Fame that blackballs two of the most dominant players of their era, or any era.

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