Seeing Upside in Case Mayans Are Right

Seeing Upside in Case Mayans Are Right

Not to say “I told you so,’’ but I’ve been saying for years that the world would end before the Cubs ever won the World Series. For me, it wasn’t so much about studying a Mayan calendar as spending a lifetime watching a team on the cheap until it decided to overpay ... for Alfonso Soriano, an outfielder afraid of the wall.

So the day has come. The world is going to end Friday, according to the Mayans, and the Cubs are still the worst team in baseball. They didn’t even come close to making it. Scientists now say the Mayan calendar-thing was just a misunderstanding, and that doomsday isn’t here. That’s easy for them to say now, as they’ll either be right or no one will be around to say otherwise.

There are plenty of things in sports I won’t miss when the world ends. Here are just a few of them.

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